Standards of Conduct

Excerpts fom United Health Centers Standards of Conduct:

This compliance booklet has been adopted by United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley (“UHC”) as our Standards of Conduct (the “Code”). The Board of Directors has approved and supports the implementation of this Compliance Program and Code in furtherance of the Compliance Program. It is intended to be used as a guide so that UHC may fulfill its obligation under Federal, California and local laws and UHC’s policy. Furthermore, it summarizes the virtues and principles that guide our actions in performing our job responsibilities and providing quality health care to our patients.

Our employees, agents, and individuals affiliated with or providing services to UHC have diligently worked to help build our reputation for integrity and high standards of business and professional conduct. Our reputation, built together over the past years, is dependent upon the conduct we exhibit during each business and professional transaction we make.

This Code, along with our Compliance Program and other policies and procedures, should guide us in upholding our ethical and professional commitment. All our employees and contractors must comply not only with the letter of these policies but also with their spirit.