Director of Learning and Development

DEPARTMENT: Staff Development/Training Department
REPORTS TO: Community and Staff Development Officer
UHC recognizes that robust staff development program offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building loyalty to the health center. The Director of Learning and Development is responsible for developing, conducting, and overseeing the staff training and development program for UHC’s staff members. Responsibilities include assessing the developmental needs of the organization and the various departments within the organization as well as implementing programs and initiatives designed to build teams and talent within UHC. The Director of Learning and Development is expected to possess the skills and experience in identifying and partnering with subject matter experts both internally and externally to develop relevant training programs. They are also responsible for the management and tracking of the staff development, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance regarding required training topics and areas. It is expected that the Director of Learning and Development demonstrates competence in current instructional practices and emerging technologies. Summary of Responsibilities:
Works closely with the all areas of the health center management to:
* Develop, implement, and monitor staff development and training activities within the health center.
* Provide logistical support, course development, delivery, evaluation, process measurements, and cost management of UHC staff development program.
* Plan the implementation and facilitation of activities and events, budget spending, material production and distribution, and other resources to ensure that operations are managed within authorized budgets.
* Coordinate one-time and regular technical training for staff.
* Oversee and/or create brochures and training materials for training activities.
* Develop multimedia visual aids and presentations for training objectives.
* Responsible for creation of testing and evaluation processes to ensure that learning activities meet the expected goals.
* Works with Finance Department in the preparation of staff development budget and responsible for ensuring the activities meet overall budget constraints.
* Evaluates the needs of health center and plans staff development programs accordingly.
* Provides the organization with different types of staff learning opportunities that include but are not limited to classroom training, demonstrations, on-the-job training, meetings, on-line training, conferences, and workshops.
* Responsible for development of train-the-trainer program to ensure added internal resources for the staff development program. Works to manage staff of classroom facilitators.
* Develops processes and procedures to ensure staff and management are provided performance feedback.
* Conduct and/or schedule continuing education training (e.g., CPR, HIPAA).
* Provide leadership development education along with building solid cross-functional relationships.
* Assist with the development and provide input on UHC’s strategic plan as well as individual department objectives.
1.0 PERFORMANCE AREA 1: Development, Design, and Implementation of UHC Staff Development Program.
a) Supports the overall mission of the organization by developing, designing, planning, conducting, coordinating, and implementing health center staff development programs.
b) Ensures that UHC’s staff development program consistently meets the needs of the organization by conducting regular needs analyses based on various evaluation techniques (e.g., internal needs assessments) to determine training needs and priorities.
c) Works to establish priorities within the staff development are tied to strategic organizational needs and plans for the defined areas.
d) Identifies and implements standardized timelines, orientation, on-the-job and other learning and developmental activities required for acquisition for competencies and maintenance of required knowledge and skills for UHC staff members.
e) Ensures consistent delivery of learning goals by developing staff development materials that include policies and procedures.
f) Ensures appropriate staff members are communicated with and participate in training sessions by creating and distribute training schedules.
g) Works to develop methods of transferring information and techniques from the training sessions to actual on-the-job performance.
h) Works with all levels of management to determine core competencies required for all positions in the organization and to identify specific resources to ensure acquisition and maintenance of those competencies.
i) Ensures success of individual staff development sessions by designing, implementing, updating, and evaluating events.
j) Works to organize, coordinate, and ensure staff member participation in area/topic specific training sessions.
k) Develops and coordinates customized training as requested by management.
l) Establishes and monitors standards and control systems for implementing and evaluating training programs.
m) Works closely with HR Department to maintain training resource files and participant attendance records.
n) Works closely with HR Department in overall development of orientation process and materials and will be expected at times serve as an ambassador and role model for the health center.
o) Implements or directs implementation of all policies and procedures as outlined in the procedures manual.
p) Ensures compliance with all training necessary for compliance with state and federal laws and regulations including but not limited to Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Equal Employment Opportunity, HIPAA, and UHC Compliance.
q) Works with HR Department to build and maintain a library of resources that addresses frequently needed and/or required competencies of all UHC positions.
r) Utilizes internal organizational knowledge base and internal resources to create and/or oversee the creation of internal training, education and development alternatives.
2.0 PERFORMANCE AREA 3: General Corporate Expectations
a) Attends and actively participates in all meetings (e.g., department meetings, program meetings, employee staff meetings) and other activities as required or assigned.
b) Attends workshops/seminars as necessary to increase skills and knowledge to provide effective care, treatment, improved or additional skills to support position, and/or leadership.
c) Supports the needs of the organization by remaining informed of trends in the training and development fields.
d) Supports the overall needs of the health center by working flexible or extended hours when necessary.
e) Demonstrates awareness of, and compliance with, organizational mission and objective of UHC to provide health care access and support services for all members of the community.
f) Supports their own staff development by completing the required hours of continuing education each year.
g) Performs other work-related duties as assigned by supervisor. Duties and responsibilities may be added, deleted, or changed at any time at the discretion of management, formally or informally either verbally or in writing.
h) Maintains confidentiality and respect for information regarding patients and other team members; abides by UHC Rules of Confidentiality and general HIPAA regulations regarding privacy.
i) Displays a positive, professional and respectful demeanor at all times toward employees, peers, professional contacts, and patients served while maintaining a professional appearance and positive image for the health centers.
j) Contributes to the team by promoting positive staff interaction, maintains open communication with other programs/departments.
* BA/BS degree in Adult Education, Educational Leadership, Educational (Instructional) Technology, Human Resource Development (HRD) and Management (with a concentration in Human Resources).
* Professional designation preferred – Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), Certified Professional Technologist (CPT).
* Minimum 3 years of training and staff development experience along with 2 years or more management experience.
* Expert with adult learning and general training techniques including instructional design techniques, and evaluation methodologies.
* Strong analytical statistical, quantitative, and deduction skills and ability to make qualitative judgments of training, education and development resources in all types and formats.
* Ability to perform and interpret needs analyses, and translates these findings into actionable next steps.
* Strong planning and project management skills and ability to apply these skills in effective working partnerships across organizational/departmental/area lines.
* Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred but not necessary
* Able to quickly build and maintain rapport with staff members of differing backgrounds; team player.
* Demonstrates strong customer orientation.
* Strong computer skills.
* Excellent oral/written communication skills, including group facilitation and presentation skills.
* Positive professional insight
* Flexibility and dependability
* Effective leadership/supervisory skills
* Excellent interpersonal skills, including leadership, influencing, and relationship-building across functions.
* Ability to organize/prioritize work, manage multiple tasks and projects and function effectively as a self-directed leader of multiple initiatives.
* Experience in coaching and providing training for employees and managers is desirable.
* Modern office practices and procedures including email
* Attention to detail and excellent follow-through on work tasks
* Able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
* Must be able to lift up to 20 pounds and push up to 50 pounds (on wheels).
* Must be able to hear staff on the phone and those who are served in-person, and speak clearly in order to communicate information to patients and staff.
* Must be able to read memos, computer screens, personnel forms and clinical and administrative documents.
* Must have high manual dexterity.
* Must be able to reach above the shoulder level to work, must be able to bend, squat and sit, stand, stoop, crouch, reach, kneel, twist/turn